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The product was used to replace the glass panes in a greenhouse. Excellent product, used to replace two broken glass panes in the greenhouse. Replace greenhouse glass and one piece I had to cut using a jig saw and fine blade it all worked a treat.

Order polycarbonate glazing pre cut to your exact requirements, ready to be fitted. Bought as greenhouse panel replacements - cut to size. She is the owner of Advance Greenhouses

Tammy Wylie has been selling and installing greenhouses since 1993. Most polycarbonate (be sure to check with the manufacturer) will have a warranty that states it will not vary in light transmission by more than 6% in ten years. I had a beautiful red begonia which I took into my polycarbonate greenhouse for years.

Looking down the end of a polycarbonate sheet is like looking down the end of a cardboard box. If you are building your own greenhouse frame, there are many more options available. Some manufacturers will offer specialty polycarbonates as an upgrade.

Neither bronze nor opal serves much purpose for a greenhouse due to the low (usually 30% to 50%) light. I love the looks of a glass greenhouse, and I understand that they have their place and purpose. There is all manner of other plants that benefit from being started off in a greenhouse too, as they require warmer temperatures and protection from the elements to get underway.

When you have a polycarbonate greenhouse to hand, you can easily grow tomatoes under cover, along with peppers and even grapevines if you wish. This sizeable greenhouse can be kitted out with a variety of extras, such as shelf kits, trellising kits and a work bench, depending on your needs. Take a look at this 6' x 10' Mythos silver polycarbonate greenhouse by Palram, for example.

This won't happen with a polycarbonate greenhouse. The heat retention properties of this type of greenhouse are excellent, which is good news for any fruit and vegetables you want to grow. Of course, there are pros and cons with all kinds of greenhouses.

In reality, the quality of polycarbonate (and the way it is made) is much better and has also become cheaper. For example, you can get a Palram 6' x 4' Mythos silver polycarbonate greenhouse for just a little over £200. Plenty of gardeners eventually decide to get a greenhouse for their garden.

Recently I tried using "No more nails" external adhesive to hold them in place, and they blew out again, removing the rubber buffer between the Polycarbonate and the frame. I do have a propane heater installed ,it is set as low as it can be and the only time i have seen it running was early morning on a below zero night that i slept in and did not get out to the greenhouse till almost 8 am ! I am 1/2 way thru my first winter with a rocket mass heater in the aluminum polycarbonate greenhouse greenhouse and all i can say is EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE ONE ,if they have wood available to burn.

Multi-walled greenhouse poly-carbonate on the other hand is a great product. It is important for greenhouse film to be installed at the right temperature (to get the right amount of stretch in the film).

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